“I saved a fortune using WLS, the VW Audi specialists rather than my local VW dealer and they were so much more friendly”
Craig Tanner Liverpool

“The driver turned up at my office on time and was very professional, he explained who he was, what work would be done and when he would be back in contact with me. He then returned my car fully washed and hoovered. I couldn’t believe how easy they made the whole process!”
John Mitchell Formby

“My local Audi dealer recommended over £800 of additional work after my service. A friend told me about the WLS Autos, the VW Audi specialists so I called up and went through the work with Billy. He recommended a phased approached over 6 months and the total bill was only £480! I would recommend these guys to anyone”
Harry Jones Warrington

“Fantastic, saved over £100 on my first service!”
Elaine Southall Southport

“I had been to 3 other garages and finally the Audi main dealer to sort the running problems out on my TT. The dealer was far too expensive so I was recommended to speak to WLS. It was a big job, but billy spent lots of time reassuring me that it could be fixed and helped me keep the costs down too. Ended up having a full engine rebuild, clutch and gearbox. Thanks Billy my TT is a dream to drive now!”
Carl Dickinson Aintree Liverpool

“We have a fleet of 8 new Passats and our reps do very high mileage. Our business needs to be sure that we have the most cost effective suppliers at all times. Everytime one of the cars went into the dealer we always got the dreaded phone call saying there would be extra work not covered by the warranty. WLS, the VW Audi specialists now service

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